Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deanna Kory, Top Real Estate Broker, The Importance of Staging

Deanna Kory is not only one of New york City's top real estate brokers, she is also one of the top brokers in the entire U.S. She has always been a strong proponent of staging. Listen to her speak about the importance of staging, especially in this competitive and challenging market.


Staging in the Current Market.
Segment 11.

So many agents today are afraid of raising the subject of staging with their sellers because they don't want their sellers to have to "spend" any money. Deanna understands that staging is an investment and the best short-term investment a home seller can make.

Staged homes sell faster and higher than comps that are not staged. Never before have presentation and condition been so important. Buyers are demanding and getting best value. Non competitive properties will have extended selling periods and reduced selling prices. Agents who do not recommend staging to their sellers are not saving their clients money - they are costing them big time in reduced selling prices and increased carrying costs.

All properties benefit from some degree of staging in any market. But in highly competitive markets like this one, staging is absolutely essential. The investment in staging is always less than the first price reduction and in most cases in NYC, the investment in staging is less than one month's carrying costs. So the question should not be, "how much will the staging cost?", but, ' how much will it cost if the property isn't staged!"

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