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Home Staging Trends in North America and Outlook for 2010

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"Home Staging Trends in North America
and Industry Outlook for 2010"

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Home Staging Trends ReportHome Staging Report
As the professional home staging industry gains respect as an essential and integrated component of the international real estate industry at large, the demand for valid industry performance statistics has also increased.  However, the reality is that home staging statistics for "days on market" and "contract versus listing" prices vary significantly due to differences in regional real estate markets.  In 2009, the Canadian real estate market fared much better than the U.S. market, which suffered an extraordinary decline because of the banking crisis and recession. Furthermore, regional differences can also be significant.  However, the common fact remains that irrespective of location and/or market conditions, professionally staged properties sell faster and for more money than comparable properties, which are not staged.

CSP Internationalâ„¢ believes it is important to acknowledge these differences, while still providing an overview of value to the 2009 Home Staging Industry in North America.  In this report we feature several specific key areas of Canada and the U.S., as well as highlight the market differences and local trends in home staging.   We have consulted with home staging experts and real estate professionals to share their valuable perspective on 2009 and their outlook for 2010.

Sneak Peak....Industry Outlook for 2010

Charleston, South Carolina
New York Home Staging Trends"The Charleston, South Carolina market, while not hard hit by economic downturns, seems to be rebounding in 2010, at least in the average or below average price ranges.  Higher home values are still languishing on the market, particularly in the secondary/seasonal home communities."

New York City, NY "While we are seeing a trend of buyers returning to the market, these buyers are demanding and getting best value.  Realistic pricing is still paramount but never before have presentation and condition been so important."

Toronto, ON "...This method of marketing has created multiple offers on properties and has resulted in selling prices as much as 115% over asking.   An example of this is thirteen offers on one property I staged at the end of January 2010, which was listed at $645,000 and sold for $755,000."
Directory of StagersStaging Success Statistics
Some CSPs are already compiling their staging success statistics.  For their contact information, please refer to the Directory at the end of this report.  This resource tool and statistical data from CSPs will also enable CSP International Academy to analyze regional, national and international statistics for future reports.
"2009 Home Staging Trends in North America
with Industry Outlook for 2010"


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